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2020-01-03: I made a playlist of the best songs I heard in 2019.…

2019-12-31: My cover of Sufjan Stevens’ Majesty Snowbird is out and slowly appearing on streaming services. Here …

2019-12-29: I just released a fun album of cover songs, including tracks from The Verve, Sufjan, Purity Ring, …

2019-12-18: My ranking of Star Wars movies, in advance of Episode IX’s release this weekend… 1 - A …

2019-10-28: Dad in the 80s. Lost him four years ago today. Miss you dad ❤️💔

2019-10-05: I’ve enjoyed many Marvel movies, and yet I totally feel what Scorsese is getting at when he …

2019-10-04: Local Cantina taco time with mom!

2019-09-17: Welcome to the future. You now have 487 separate streaming video subscriptions each housing one show …

2019-09-05: Today would have been 67. Miss you, dad. Every day. Forever.

2019-08-30: Nice bonus shot from a recent video shoot at Inniswood gardens. Lots of cool geometries to the …

2019-08-10: Felix in the window

2019-06-28: So if the Supreme Court isn’t going to address partisan gerrymandering, is state and local …

2019-06-28: Everyone always praises Spotify’s algorithm like it’s infallible but it just recommended The Strokes …

2019-06-25: Yesssss

2019-06-23: Yeah I’m one of those laptop sticker people, but I try to only put things I care about, not just …

2019-06-22: Pardon my French, the planned ICE raids are fucking evil, and terrifying to see in my country. …

2019-06-16: Zipped up to BG to hang with mom for Father’s Day. Yummy breakfast. Miss you and love you, dad. ❤️ 💔

2019-06-09: VIDEOGAMES: Women and children exist in memoriam to motivate male soldiers. ALSO VIDEOGAMES: There …

2019-06-06: 10 year anniversary ❤️❤️❤️

2019-06-05: Sunset Smoky

2019-06-05: Most of Putt Putt is waiting for a big slow group to hurry up. If not, you’re the big slow group.

2019-05-27: Couple recent record pickups. Should have grabbed the left one a looooong time ago. CSH a great …

2019-05-19: The least believable part of the first Taken movie is definitely that his daughter was going on a …

2019-05-18: “It ain’t no sin to be glad you’re alive.” Thank you for this beautiful sentiment, Springsteen. It’s …

2019-05-12: Happy Mother’s Day to this amazing woman. Love you, mom! See you in Ohio soon! ❤️❤️❤️

2019-05-10: Sleepy kitty with curled toes 🐈 📷 📸

2019-05-07: So sad they didn’t win, but we joined the watch party last night at NW Arena as guest CBJ fans. …

2019-05-02: Lucius show at the Athenaeum! Accidentally bought three LPs and discovered they’re signed copies! …

2019-04-16: One of the best texts I’ve ever received.

2019-04-14: My first time at a Joann’s since I was a kid with my mom probably. Holy crap that place is like a …

2019-04-13: Happy record store day! My haul: Sufjan’s Greatest Mixtape, Wye Oak, Mitski, Jeff Tweedy, and Kate …

2019-04-10: Took my new zoom lens for my Panasonic GH5 to the Franklin Park Conservatory and captured some cool …

2019-04-03: Great comment on YouTube about the new Joker film… Creating Joker 1989: Throw him into wasted …

2019-03-31: Excited to see Jeff Tweedy tonight with @shelbyelizabeth!

2019-03-26: New camera, who dis? #panasonicgh5 📷 📸 🎥

2019-03-22: Apparently my “Florida Man” is just a bunch of recent articles about googling Florida Man.

2019-03-19: Ever played the Game Boy classic Zelda: Link’s Awakening? I pop up as guest host on the latest …

2019-03-17: The mystery and complexity of life is more interesting and rewarding than anyone’s simple …

2019-03-16: “The poor have sometimes objected to being governed badly; the rich have always objected to being …

2019-03-13: “Striking while the iron’s hot is not about acting quickly or impulsively. It’s about having the …

2019-03-12: 🏀 I’m adopting the Nuggets as my NBA playoffs team. Hoping they can knock off Golden State and …

2019-03-10: Side question, not related to any politics: why would I want any person to sign a Bible? Isn’t that …

2019-02-20: Felix got a haircut! 🐈

2019-02-19: I guest hosted on Nostalgia Goggles to talk all things Final Fantasy Tactics! Have a listen: …

2019-02-18: Five years ago today I began flipping tables with @lyonsinbeta. ❤️ …

2019-02-16: Whoever discovered/designed/perfected the sound and experience of opening a can of a carbonated …

2019-02-15: He’s an authoritarian bypassing the people and if we don’t use every lever we have to rebuke it then …

2019-02-10: A well dressed man is ready to record a fun podcast episode about a classic PS1 game…

2019-01-27: I check the news that way one unrolls a bandage on their arm to see if a wound is infected or if …

2019-01-14: Mahershala Ali in True Detective S3 🤩🤩🤩

2019-01-08: The symbol for our country should be the Statue of Liberty, not a pointless wall of manufactured …

2019-01-08: Watching old 90s commercials & stumbled on that weird trend of ads asking you to “send in a …

2019-01-07: SPORTBALL TALK: I feel no schadenfreude and only total cringe when field goal kickers miss badly and …

2019-01-06: “Don’t you DARE get old. Getting old is a sin. Be ashamed if you get old. Hide it at all …

2019-01-05: I was just telling my brother they should reboot Carmen Sandiego as a show about fun heists rogue …

2019-01-03: My cat, Felix, is trying to tell me something… 😸 🐈 🎨

2019-01-03: “Sitting with friends talking about something important is one of the most powerful and necessary …

2018-12-26: The Best Songs of 2018, in Their Own Words. Listen on Spotify or Apple Music. 🎵 🎧 🎹 🎸 🥁 🎤

2018-12-25: Merry Christmas from Felix who loves vinyl records.

2018-12-23: My anecdotal survey of extended family suggests that Amazon’s small AI voice devices are …

2018-12-17: Hey every-company-on-earth: don’t opt me into your newsletter. Unless I voluntarily seek it out and …

2018-12-10: NY Times published detailed & frightening investigation of eroding digital privacy. Your apps …

2018-12-07: This Lebron James guy could be the next Zion Williamson…!

2018-12-07: Now Is Not the Time by CHVRCHES makes me long for the shared experiences you don’t get to have when …

2018-12-06: Lebron James is good at basketball.

2018-11-07: In next year’s session of Congress, there will be 100 women in the House for the first time in …

2018-11-03: I wonder how Beethoven would feel about one of the dominant legacies of his famous pieces, like Für …

2018-10-28: Years of hateful rhetoric has been like a gas leak in our society. Pittsburgh / bombs in the mail …

2018-10-27: Longtime A boy alone in his room A stratomatic game in view I see Hal Jordan on a page They were green and …

2018-10-26: My very talented friend Matt (aka Echolox) has released a new single in multiple versions. You …

2018-10-15: A draft of Jackie O’s Ricky to kick off yet another renewed musical recording effort. The creative …

2018-10-05: I’ve been collecting songs I greatly enjoy for years now. This growing list remains delightful and …

2018-09-30: Columbus Coffee Fest gonna be inspiring consciousness in robots…

2018-09-30: Columbus Coffee Fest!

2018-09-29: Had a great time at #GDEX this year! Got to try out some fabulous indie games and picked up this …

2018-09-18: Some days you’re making extravagant animations of fireworks and magic, and other days …

2018-09-16: Excited and thankful that I get to spend many of my days creating and exploring.

2018-09-09: Myers-Briggs is astrology for people who went to college.

2018-09-07: Something I’ve noticed: if tools advance to make something that was hard very easy, people …

2018-09-05: Woulda been 66 today. ❤️💔

2018-09-05: Happy birthday, Dad. Wish I could call you.

2018-09-05: I’ve been having a blast watching the WNBA playoffs. From Taurasi’s first elimination game loss of …

2018-09-03: The Ringer has a great writeup of the first Metal Gear Solid. It’s too easy to forget how …

2018-09-02: Farmer’s market cat. I bet it’s a good mouser. 🐈

2018-09-01: A stream of consciousness about so many hard to explain things in my life over the last three years …

2018-08-19: Coffee Mug! Practicing some shading and brush + smudge + eraser techniques in Procreate and …

2018-08-12: Working on some fun illustrations for around the house. This “family” bottle inspired by my favorite …

2018-08-07: I derive a disproportionate amount of pleasure from this novel’s use of the compound modifier …

2018-07-28: Playing with Photoshop brushes. Here’s hoping we get new music from Montropo this fall!

2018-07-24: Picked up one of Wacom’s $99 Intuos bluetooth drawing pads and I am really happy with this cute …

2018-07-23: Is “low effort content in listicle form” high on the list of things successful people don’t waste …

2018-07-18: Watched the Robin Williams doc. Don’t really know how to express in short form that I got so much …

2018-07-14: This rest stop toilet is a bald cyclops hipster with a huge beard. 📸📷

2018-07-12: Started a new bullet journal, and I am feeling at a place in my life to be truly disciplined in its …

2018-07-09: This song by The Go! Team has kinda become a theme song for me this week. So bubbly and infectious …

2018-07-08: So great to meet new baby Eisley in Cleveland and hang out with my family and Heidi and Ken!

2018-07-06: J. Mascis (Dinosaur Jr) covering Neil Young with Pearl Jam?! Someone get 90s Mike a place to sit …

2018-07-04: A lonely Fourth of July for me this year. Felix and I holding down the fort in Columbus while Shelby …

2018-07-01: Lebron to the Lakers… this will be the first time I’ve followed the Lakers since I was a …

2018-06-27: If our courts take away all the pressure relief valves of individual and class action lawsuits, …

2018-06-25: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry that life is anxious. Life is mean.” Rest In Peace, Jess (Aleksander) Massey. …

2018-06-17: I’ve been keeping myself a few steps back from the firehose lately, but it’s important to plant a …

2018-06-16: Not what I want to see when I launch your game app on my phone. This isn’t a gaming pc. I’m not …

2018-06-09: A guy made a bot to help moderate drinking. After discussing it with friends in FB Messenger, his IG …

2018-06-08: It’s true, these “bugs” are never in favor of privacy. Always “oops we exposed everything sorry bout …

2018-06-07: Kojima is getting me hyped up for Death Stranding at E3 by striking this Joy Division pose.

2018-06-04: Really digging this song Passing Days by Suburban Living 🎧 🎼 🎹 🎶 🎸

2018-06-03: It seems like game shows only have celebrities as contestants anymore.

2018-05-29: Crushed the Explorer Study escape room at Escape It Grandview this weekend with @pseudojustin, …

2018-05-21: Jeremy Enigk’s Return of the Frog Queen remains one of my most favorite albums of the 90s. Today I …

2018-05-16: Very close to fear of death is a fear of aging/declining in general: ”If you worship your own body …

2018-05-13: My brother-in-law Eric with Greyson. Amazing how photos that don’t seem great in color can become so …

2018-05-12: I hope that @nogogpod talks about that godawful Gauntlet cover art on this next episode. …

2018-05-08: Testing out a gif…

2018-05-08: Such a gorgeous day. Out for an afternoon walk while taking a break from some character animation. 📷 …

2018-05-07: Dewey’s Pizza 🍕 and Cavs 🏀 tonight!

2018-05-07: Got to try out this super cool board game Home Stretch over the weekend. All about horse racing and …

2018-05-07: Trying out the just released Icro iOS client for Mb, created by @hartlco! Really nice so far! Will …

2018-05-07: A Micro Monday shoutout to @wakemp for making me laugh with a picture of his cat’s food mess, …

2018-05-07: Such a wonderful, lazy, enjoyable weekend of writing and exploration and music. Now some sleep …

2018-05-07: Testing how @-mentions are handled by when crossposted to Twitter… Hello …

2018-05-06: Took the plunge on the Switch port of Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze! 🎮🕹

2018-05-06: Open social media: microblogging with - my reflections on moving to open and …

2018-05-05: Cavs game time. Let’s do this! 🏀 ⛹🏾‍♂️ 🙌

2018-05-04: Tonight! Lovett or Leave It!

2018-05-04: Been really digging this song lately: Heartstruck by Hamilton Leithauser and featuring Angel Olsen …

2018-05-04: People who bring a big list to order chipotle for your office, Y U NO USE ONLINE ORDER instead of …

2018-05-03: I put this collage together for an upcoming Montropo show! If you’re in Denver you oughtta head to …

2018-05-03: I am seriously tempted to spring for the port of DK Country Tropical Freeze that comes out tomorrow …

2018-05-03: I had the joy of discussing the SNES classic Secret of Mana with lyonsinbeta on the latest episode …

2018-05-02: Power’s out. Oh boy. Hope it comes back before our fridge food goes bad!

2018-05-02: Ever since I shifted out of the university to pursue a new life of creative work in design, …

2018-05-02: I’m not a UX expert, but wouldn’t it make sense for every bathroom to be push-to-leave so I don’t …

2018-05-01: An independent form of microblogging not based on craven harvesting of data and gross ads in your …

2018-04-24: Where are my fellow Judge John Hodgman listeners at? 🌽

2018-04-22: New gloves for softball! Shaping up the pockets.

2018-04-14: Spent a nice Saturday indulging in a Lego project with Shelby.

2018-04-12: Caught Felix in a lovely mid-stride back-arching stretch while he is still in the fancy boots stage …


2018-02-16: Dug up this amazing old photo of my friend Kevin! Like some kind of 80s Wimbledon champion. Credit …

2018-01-27: This car reminds me of Kylo Ren. Tron too.

2018-01-22: Gorgeous space in the Columbus Museum of Art! I had to take a picture of it this morning with my …

2018-01-21: Greg

2018-01-21: Columbus thaws. #fujixt10 #23mmf2 #lightroom #dslr #fuji #fujifilm #fujifilmxt10 …


2018-01-21: Hand #fujixt10 #23mmf2 #lightroom #dslr #fuji #fujifilm #fujifilmxt10

2018-01-21: Shelby outside after a delicious breakfast and coffee date. #fujixt10 #23mmf2 #lightroom #dslr #fuji …

2018-01-18: Nightstand #fujixt10 #xt10 #fujifilm

2018-01-07: Never been a big fan of the “crumpled up paper” lamp aesthetic…

2018-01-07: Sunday coffee with my E Tank mug, of course.


2017-12-31: More of dad’s books acquired on this Alaska trip. Looking forward to being enriched and challenged …



2017-12-26: My sister’s cabin in Alaska.

2017-12-26: A boy and his dog. My nephew Sebo and Scout.

2017-12-25: From now on you can call me…

2017-12-23: This made me laugh in Laovaan’s art book that my friend Matt sent me as a gift.

2017-12-16: Some fabulous new socks as an early Christmas gift from Shelby. Also, does being excited about socks …

2017-12-12: Cool sculpture at the Columbus art museum!

2017-12-09: My little corner at the new job. Will be adding some posters soon!

2017-12-07: I’m officially full time at Brainstorm! I’m a Designer/Animator/Editor on the post-production team.



2017-11-28: He just woke up from a nap and he’s got “bedbody” (like human “bedhead”)

2017-11-21: Corkscrew kitty

2017-11-12: Sketch #30 - Kate Bush I wrote up a blog post about her music!

2017-11-11: Sketch #29 - Gorilla #sketch #sketchaday #sketchoftheday #drawdaily

2017-10-29: Sketch #28 - Frog I warned you I’d be going through a drawing book filled with animals and objects. …

2017-10-29: Sketch #27 - Cow Got the sketchbook back out, going through a drawing book. So get ready for a …

2017-10-27: Two years gone, today. Time has no measurable shape anymore. He has been gone forever and yet he was …

2017-10-25: This arrived in the mail just in time for Halloween! Thanks to my artist friend Becky Jewell!

2017-10-24: Had to pick a bottle of this up for the World Series.

2017-10-21: My desk. Eventually will have a standing desk and a second monitor on an arm but this is very …

2017-10-19: Clever use of a Booker’s case at Mission Coffee.

2017-10-11: These eyes, man.

2017-10-07: A sky full of drama

2017-10-07: Grinning by the beach

2017-10-07: Some ocean (gulf) air here in Florida! A nice vacation with Shelby.

2017-09-19: Down the neck of a Corona




2017-09-06: “Life is sharing the same bench.” - mural in Cleveland


2017-09-05: Popped up to Cleveland enjoying a beer with the Indians game before meeting up with my brother.

2017-08-20: He loves this cardboard box wrapped in a blanket more than any store cat bed we’ve ever tried.

2017-08-07: Another latergram. So good to see my brother on his way through Ohio with the family. We enjoyed …

2017-08-07: Another of my favorite shots in Michigan.

2017-08-07: Took my #fujixt10 on the most recent Michigan trip to the lake house. This was quite a sight! #xt10 …

2017-07-21: Spent a recent weekend at a beer festival in Athens, OH with this good friend! #athensohio #ohiobeer …

2017-07-21: I gotta break out my nice Fuji camera more often! This was taken at a recent minor league baseball …



2017-04-14: Working on a character…

2017-03-14: Our undefeated escape room team.

2017-02-26: Playing some #SuperMarioKart before seeing Get Out with Benji in homage to Nostalgia Goggles …

2017-02-22: Don’t let the glasses fool you: I have no teeth anymore.

2017-02-18: Space Shuttle sketch. Trying to get into a daily habit again! #drawing #drawdaily #sketch #space …

2017-02-14: Mars rocket! Heavily inspired by a retro tourism poster by Steve Thomas (support his work!). …

2017-02-01: Burger #vectorart #illustration #illustrations #adobeillustrator #photoshop #texture #food #design …

2017-01-28: A nice walk through the market before lunch!

2017-01-25: My friend’s new retro gaming podcast, Nostalgia Goggles, has been officially launched! Go and …

2017-01-22: A couple of character designs for a friend’s forthcoming brand new podcast. #gaming #snes …

2017-01-21: Modeled these classic controllers in Illustrator for practice #snes #genesis #illustrator #gaming …




2017-01-18: Revised title card for hypothetical DotA2 event #designbootcamp #design #gaming #dota #supernova …

2017-01-17: A crop of my first assignment for #designbootcamp! #dota2 #notarealevent #twitch

2017-01-08: Felix is a great nap joiner. #cat #catstagram #felix #cats #catpics #nap #sleep #kitty #cute

2017-01-08: Unfinished, work-in-progress recreation of classic black cat French poster is teaching me all kinds …

2017-01-05: A #tbt

2017-01-01: Spent New Year’s Eve with the largest army. A game of Catan with Shelby, Carolyn and Matt. …

2016-12-30: My dad playing to the camera. Who couldn’t love this guy?

2016-12-25: A new vector version of Sunrise Robot mascot H3LiOS! For a fun secret project…

2016-12-16: Box kitty 2

2016-12-14: Trying to play some FFXV. Felix is “helping”

2016-11-30: Oops. Bought this.

2016-11-22: Tree Sketch

2016-11-22: Tree

2016-11-20: Hang Loose #sketch #sketchbook #sketching #sketchaday #pencil #art #pencilart #columbus …

2016-11-19: Launchpad #pencil #pencildrawing #pencilart #sketchaday #sketch #sketchbook #mrmcdee #ducktales …

2016-11-16: Hand #sketch #sketchaday #thumb #stoplookingatmythumb #pencil #art #columbus #ohio #pseudomichael

2016-11-16: Goofy #sketch #sketchaday #sketchbook #sketching #sketches #disney #dontsueme #pencil #art #cbus …

2016-11-15: Mickey #sketchaday #pencil #blick #dontsueme #disney #mickeymouse #sketch #sketchbook #sketching

2016-11-14: Art store haul!

2016-11-08: Alright. Let’s do this America.

2016-11-06: This is a weird find!

2016-11-01: Drawing is an iterative skill like so many. I couldn’t help but update this brotherly sketch …

2016-10-26: Sketch #17 - Bruce

2016-10-25: Sketch #16 - Andrés

2016-10-25: Felix in the sun chair a minute later…

2016-10-25: Felix in the sun chair

2016-10-08: This cat, man.

2016-10-05: Edwards brothers in the early 90s

2016-10-05: Reunion so soon is still awesome. Also, Great Fire of London learning session.

2016-10-03: Amber beers with mom

2016-10-03: Reunited in Denver. Rio lunch today. Brian Wilson Pet Sounds concert tomorrow!

2016-10-01: A lovely kickoff party for the Dick & Jane Project. Fun with Benji, Megumi, Shelby and …

2016-10-01: A milestone of unpacking and setting up the home office… more to come!

2016-09-21: Work buddy.

2016-09-18: Spotted this greatness at Columbus’ awesome Independent’s Day festival.

2016-09-16: I love this cat. He sits behind me all day while I work. He climbs into every box. He sounds his …

2016-09-11: Cabin Fun Time

2016-09-10: Water so still…

2016-09-09: Bridge into the sunset, from on our way to West Virginia cabin camping this weekend.

2016-09-05: Won and then severely lost a game of golf here at the lake house!

2016-09-04: Had to tweak this just a bit… Matt

2016-09-04: Spider hanging out in front of a light.

2016-09-04: Sunset at Lake Somerset

2016-09-04: BRB adopting three more cats. @pseudoshelby

2016-09-02: DOT PHP

2016-08-31: 15 minute wait for the Raptor? Don’t know if I can handle this.

2016-08-30: Morph ball acquired

2016-08-27: A crude but delicious old fashioned made in our own home! The first of many…

2016-08-27: Arriving in Columbus!!! Drove through the night like we were 20-year-olds on a road trip.

2016-08-22: Montropo practice #4

2016-08-22: Montropo practice #3

2016-08-22: Montropo practice #2

2016-08-22: Montropo practice

2016-08-22: Driving to work. #denver #beautiful

2016-08-20: Finally got to stop by this place yesterday.

2016-08-17: Gonna miss these Denver skies!

2016-08-12: Pixaki

2016-08-11: How I recorded that latest Bits and Pieces podcast (publishing shortly!)

2016-08-02: I wrote about Going vs Leaving on my blog. This image captured in the morning before I’d pack …

2016-07-30: Stranahans might be becoming my favorite whiskey.

2016-07-30: Do what the bag says.

2016-07-30: Smoke & Honey’s equipment, before we play today!

2016-07-28: Emery is Batman


2016-07-24: Cigar at story planning with Justin the other night

2016-07-24: The whole gang before screening at SDCC 2016 yesterday. #SDCC #sdcc2016 #DetectiveDetectiveDetective

2016-07-22: Doing some of this with Justin


2016-07-22: Hey #SDCC #sdcc2016! Stop by the Indican booth at 4136 and pick up a poster and a button for …

2016-07-22: And we’re on the show floor! #SDCC #sdcc2016

2016-07-21: Brounion 2016

2016-07-21: Tiny NES! I want one!! #SDCC #sdcc2016 #nintendo

2016-07-21: Nintendo + Vans backpack #sdcc #sdcc2016 #nintendo

2016-07-21: Luigi! #SDCC #sdcc2016 #nintendo

2016-07-21: The French version of Sour Patch Kids!?

2016-07-20: Big creepy RE barn house #capcom #sdcc #sdcc2016 #residentevil

2016-07-20: “Whatever…” #squall #ffviii #sdcc #sdcc2016 #squareenix #squenix

2016-07-20: Happy hour sushi time! #SDCC #sdcc2016

2016-07-20: Badge pickup time. Oh boy. #sdcc2016 #sdcc

2016-07-20: Ben Affleck and Matt Damon created an entire restaurant next to #sdcc? Too pricey ;)

2016-07-20: Here we go! #sandiegocomiccon #sandiegocomiccon2016 #sdcc #sdcc2016

2016-07-15: Oh boy.

2016-07-15: It’s a race.

2016-07-09: Tree

2016-07-05: Tentacle #procreate #procreatepocket

2016-06-30: Made this from scratch in illustrator. Starting to feel a little more competent in it!

2016-06-19: Happy Father’s Day. Miss you so…

2016-06-17: Mom is in Denver!

2016-06-09: Was trying to get a pic of my Apple Pencil with rubber grip. Kitty decided it wasn’t mine …

2016-06-04: A nice day at RMNP. Used my new #tombihn Maker’s Bag! #tombihnbagsinthewild

2016-06-02: Enjoyed a pint at the @denverbikecafe this evening before recording some narration for …

2016-05-25: I came back from Alaska with a bunch of my dad’s books. See more on my blog post. #cslewis …

2016-05-21: Bruce, the Lego Professor

2016-05-19: Red Robin dinner after seeing the Jungle Book. #bearnecessities

2016-05-19: A chocolate chip pancake bigger than the plate it comes on at the Roadhouse in Talkeetna

2016-05-16: Brother and mother

2016-05-16: Us

2016-05-16: A Mother Ale at Denali Brewing Company

2016-05-07: A quick sketch of Toon Link

2016-04-07: And then Amy surprised herself. #miitomo

2016-04-04: #miitomo @nintendo

2016-04-02: A new Sunrise Robot sticker on the car!

2016-03-24: Mike pixel portrait #pixels #pixelportrait #pixelart #photoshop #retrogaming #retro

2016-03-24: Ryan pixel portrait #pixelart #pixels #pixelportrait #photoshop #retrogaming #retro

2016-03-22: David pixel portrait #pixels #pixelart #pixelgram #pixelportrait #retrogaming #retro #drdeth …

2016-03-22: Just in the selfie kitchen, baking up some terrible selfies.

2016-03-20: Matt Pixel Portrait #pixel #pixelart #pixelgram #pixelportrait #portrait #retro #photoshop

2016-03-20: Anthony Pixel Portrait #pixelart #pixelportrait #portrait #pixels #pixel #retro #sprite …

2016-03-05: Lunch at Vine Street Pub with Matt. Amazing!

2016-02-28: Lyons pixel portrait @lyonsinbeta #applepencil #ipadpro #pixel #pixels #pixelart #Pixaki

2016-02-28: Matt pixel portrait #Pixaki #portrait #pixelart #pixels #pixel #ipadpro #applepencil

2016-02-28: Benji pixel portrait #ipadpro #applepencil #pixel #pixels #pixelart #portrait #Pixaki

2016-02-27: Aerlande pixel portrait #pixelart #pixels #portrait #photoshop

2016-02-27: Jon pixel portrait

2016-02-03: Justin pixel portrait #pixelart #pixels #justin #photoshop #pencil

2016-01-29: Bruce pixel portrait #dadmissing #pixelart #applepencil #ipadpro #pixaki

2016-01-29: Shelby pixel portrait #pixelart #pixaki #ipad #ipadpro #applepencil

2016-01-28: A pixel self portrait I made in Pixaki, an iPad app.

2015-12-31: Sketch #16 - Bruce L. Edwards A first shot at sketching a portrait. Look forward to improving each …

2015-12-30: Sketch #15 - Batman This one took longer than the simpler cartoon characters I’ve been doing. …

2015-12-28: Sketch #14 - Lamp Practicing visual measuring by doing a quick sketch and basic render of this lamp …


2015-12-20: Sketch #12 - BB-8 Took my time drawing this one while traveling to Ohio for the holidays. Played …

2015-12-19: Sketch #11 - Donald Duck #sketch #sketchaday #sketchoftheday #donaldduck #disney #procreate #ipadpro …

2015-12-17: Sketch #10 - Felix the Cat #sketch #sketchaday #sketchoftheday #felixthecat #catsofinstagram …

2015-12-17: Sketch #9 - Mike Wazowski on Table Mat #sketch #sketchaday #sketchoftheday #pixar #monstersinc …

2015-12-12: In the Christmas spirit. Playing soon here at Lion’s Lair!

2015-12-12: Playing at Lions Lair tonight with Montropo. My last show for awhile. Get here! We play at 10:30.

2015-12-11: Sketch #7 - Bob-omb #sketchaday #sketchoftheday #mario #bobomb #pseudomichael #pseudobook

2015-12-05: Not enough ponies, in my opinion.

2015-11-30: Sketch #6 - Goomba (winged) #Mario #Goomba #sketchaday #sketchoftheday #smb #pseudobook …

2015-11-25: Caught the start of sunrise out the plane window in Denver.

2015-11-20: Sketch #5 - Shyguy #Mario #smb #shyguy #sketchoftheday #sketchaday

2015-11-18: Two minute sketch of a cat #sketchaday


2015-11-03: Siblings. #niece #nephew

2015-11-03: Fat? #hobbylobby

2015-11-01: Flying into the Detroit


2015-10-28: My dad and me

2015-10-23: Brett Randell on right now. We play next! Nice feel in this space. #Leon #montropo

2015-10-23: Seriously get over here to Leon. This space is amazing and the show is going to be great! #Leon …

2015-10-22: Started collecting some watch wallpapers. #Galaga #applewatch #retrogaming

2015-10-17: Sometimes when Felix sits he looks like the Batmobile from Batman 1989

2015-10-17: We all have our Saturday cleaning todo list, even Felix.

2015-10-16: Felix the magnificent cat #catstagram #catoftheday #catsofinstagram #cats

2015-10-13: Matt, my brother. Astronaut, violinist, and theoretical physicist. Jokes. But he is pretty great at …

2015-10-13: Justin, my brother. Filmmaker, writer, editor and Super Mario Maker collaborator. #fujixt10 …

2015-10-13: Wonderful capture from my new Fuji X-T10 camera. I was in the backseat with my two brothers in San …

2015-10-11: Joke socks are jokes.

2015-10-10: Matt steals a listen to the Flaming Lips outside of the festival.

2015-10-10: Old fashioneds and tobacco

2015-10-07: Bo is a great cousin of Felix’s.

2015-10-07: Easter a Egg: DDD cast records commentary. Adam shows off his hardened muscular tissue in his bicep …

2015-10-05: Hey Adobe Max folks, what’s your badge look like? Did you color it too? #adobemax …

2015-10-05: Got a good seat! #adobemax #adobemax2015

2015-10-05: Waiting to get in for the Adobe Max morning keynote. #adobemax2015 #adobemax

2015-10-05: Chet, I’m giving you to the count of four to stop or I’m turning to stone! #classicchet

2015-10-04: Sorry, N elson

2015-10-01: I’m pretty excited…

2015-09-27: WatchOS 2 is fun

2015-09-27: The Edwards family in the 80s

2015-09-23: “Yes…?”

2015-09-12: This dentist needs to back off.

2015-09-10: Flexible spine.

2015-09-02: Just hanging out on the couch.

2015-08-26: Trying to learn how to draw

2015-08-22: Clyfford Still liked baseball

2015-08-21: Got a special gift awaiting Amy and Graham when they land here in Denver! #VoodooDonuts

2015-08-21: 5(2)Eighty, which works out to 5*2*80 = Eight Hundred. Clever, right!? #ugh

2015-07-31: Enjoying some Betsy Lay at Mercury Cafe! @betsylay

2015-07-22: Likely Story podcast recording.

2015-07-12: Mobile Podcasting Rig Redux (Hotel Edition) #TheLaptopIsNotRelevant #Surface #ShureBeta87C …

2015-07-12: Shelby catches the gaze of her niece, Olivia.

2015-07-10: Reception decoration time! @pseudoshelby #fritz2015

2015-07-06: Mobile podcasting. #flippingtables74

2015-07-02: A spry, skinnier, 22 year old me.

2015-06-29: Always think of Joel Manahan. #vanahan

2015-06-26: Enjoying some “Woody Guthrie” from Betsy Lay!

2015-06-25: Crop of a flyer I just worked on for Montropo

2015-06-17: Apparently Amanda doesn’t smile enough for #finalfantasyadventure



2015-06-15: The game system I packed for #InstCon. It’s all you need, really.

2015-06-10: My dad, the basketball star of Akron.

2015-06-03: Voter Ox

2015-05-25: Found this old gem.

2015-05-23: Not even close to all, but a decent chunk of my mobile game collection.

2015-05-23: Aaaannnddd beat it. #StarFox

2015-05-23: Just playing a little #StarFox

2015-05-23: Unpacking part 2

2015-05-23: Unpacking part 1

2015-05-15: Colorardo with @pseudojustin

2015-05-05: Sunset in Venice, FL.

2015-05-05: We had a visitor at dinner. #birdsarecreepy


2015-05-03: This place looked like a coastal Grand Budapest Hotel.

2015-05-03: Mobile podcasting

2015-05-03: Child is father of the man.

2015-05-03: Bliss.

2015-05-02: Nice gradient in the sky at sunset last night.

2015-05-01: Sunset time! #2015Fritz

2015-05-01: Eric is visited by Batman. #2015Fritz

2015-05-01: Eric has to drink a “Wet Spot” #2015Fritz

2015-05-01: Artisanal, small-batch, Florida-exclusive chips. Dan was really “happy”. #2015Fritz

2015-05-01: A nice start to a bachelor’s party on the beach in St Petersburg Florida. #2015Fritz

2015-04-29: Thanks a lot, Courtney and Jason! Look what you’ve done to Shelby and me!


2015-04-24: Happy happy joy joy

2015-04-19: Grabbed this shot while flying home to #Denver #Colorado.

2015-04-19: My most favorite Pebble watch face is this. Next week I’ll be on an Apple Watch so this is a …

2015-04-18: A stop at Chilly Water Brewing Co.

2015-04-18: Enslaved bears just hanging out.

2015-04-18: A Sun King cream ale at brunch. Why not?

2015-04-18: Fun at the Capitol in Indy.

2015-04-18: Brunch before Sufjan! Nice to see these two again!

2015-04-17: Not bad leaving Denver snow for this on the weekend.

2015-04-17: First baseline seats only $16!

2015-04-17: Time for some minor league baseball!

2015-04-15: Recorded some important thuds and booms for Smoke & Honey the other day!

2015-04-10: Andrés the man of harmony

2015-04-10: Andrés is ready to sing some harmonies

2015-04-10: Listening to a take of Nathan’s Song.

2015-04-10: Charlie and Sarah

2015-04-10: Smoke & Honey is in the studio!

2015-03-31: A bit worried that Max Headroom is going to show up on my Pebble watch.

2015-03-28: Just arrived!

2015-03-26: Picture I took when I was in outer space the other day.

2015-03-19: Accidentally made some new buttons.

2015-03-19: Excited to interview this excellent Denver band, The Still Tide, tonight for the #PseudoShow on …

2015-03-19: I had no choice but to rename Robo. #H3LiOS #sunriserobot

2015-03-17: Can you guess what this is? #macro #olloclip

2015-03-17: Cat

2015-03-17: Macro burrito

2015-03-14: Macro shot of Shelby’s eye!

2015-03-14: Macro jeans

2015-03-14: Bought an Olloclip lens attachment for my iPhone. It includes a macro mode in addition to wide angle …

2015-03-14: A closer look at the mechanics inside of Cole Bee Wilson’s bowed piano. Small toy wheels …

2015-03-14: A look inside Cole Bee Wilson’s bowed piano at PlatteForum.

2015-03-14: Inside the free little library

2015-03-14: A free little library.

2015-03-13: Denver looks kinda midwesty today.

2015-03-08: Benji enjoys himself some Biker Jim’s

2015-03-08: Mike Bison

2015-03-08: Bill and Lance #contra

2015-03-08: Nihilist

2015-03-03: Worth a “heh”… #MaleBlonding #HiDive

2015-02-23: Baby yarn burrito.

2015-02-23: The robot mascot of my podcast network. #H3LiOS #SunriseRobot

2014-08-30: John Elway apparently had no idea what sport he played.

2014-08-29: Smoke and Honey plays at the Lion’s Lair

2014-07-19: Early Edwards band tape art! I was like 13 when we made this! Shamelessly stolen background from …

2014-07-16: Watching Del Phoena at the Mercury Cafe!

2014-06-20: Played some tunes with Andrés tonight!

2014-05-07: Some Tincup Colorado whiskey and online coding school tonight. Not bad.

2014-05-05: Special limited edition buttons for the CU Online Spring Symposium 2014! Only lucky attendees have a …

2014-05-05: Made some of these.


2014-04-24: Poad Closed

2014-03-23: Not cool.

2014-03-08: Okinawa for sushi!!


2014-02-10: Another. #DetectiveDetectiveDetective

2014-02-10: Trying out the new button maker at work!

2014-01-01: We measure cheese quality by time in caves now!?

2013-12-31: Finally got mine.

2013-12-31: Bumped into this guy at Detroit airport on the same flight!

2013-12-31: Riley reducing the centripetal force on his person while riding in the back.

2013-12-30: Those who have moved away: be jealous.



2013-12-30: Managed to fly through BG briefly. Getting dinner with Krauts soon.

2013-12-27: Pansy Flour

2013-12-27: Creepy, punk, dwarf, smoking Santa painting.

2013-12-25: Done! #puzzle

2013-12-23: Even more progress! #puzzle

2013-12-21: Today’s festivities with @lyonsinbeta. #CatMario

2013-12-19: I didn’t write this on giant Jenga. I swear.

2013-12-14: Graduate.

2013-12-13: What I do at work.

2013-12-10: White Elephant #Win

2013-12-09: Second set.

2013-12-09: First set of cards. #CardsAgainstHumanity

2013-12-09: The first of our Cards Against Humanity self-gifts showed up!

2013-12-09: HUGE index finger

2013-12-08: Betrayal at House on the Hill

2013-12-06: Can’t wait to watch “Cathin” Fire

2013-12-05: Amazing piece of graffiti in the City O City men’s bathroom.

2013-11-30: Ok sure buddy.

2013-11-30: Got to be hero uncle and win Sebo a Domo Kun from the claw skill game at Red Robin! Your move, …

2013-11-29: Puzzle No. 2 completed

2013-11-28: Sophie helped us set the table.

2013-11-27: I suddenly feel so inadequate.

2013-11-27: Dad joined me.

2013-11-27: Dad joined me.

2013-11-27: Done!

2013-11-26: We will finish it tonight, to be sure.

2013-11-26: Endless Goldeneye 007 Siberia level tree texture along Parks highway in Alaska.

2013-11-26: One if the sympathy cards for the cat mayor of #Talkeetna who was brutally attacked.

2013-11-26: Obligatory tourist photo No. 2 #Talkeetna

2013-11-26: Obligatory tourist photo No. 1 #Talkeetna

2013-11-26: Twister Creek IPA for lunch at Denali brewing co. Order of short ribs too? Why not…

2013-11-25: Descending into Anchorage on Saturday.

2013-11-22: Two of the best games of the year acquired.

2013-11-21: That day when it was winter all of a sudden.

2013-11-06: An Imlay IPA, yessiree

2013-11-04: A whiskey and coke to celebrate a new Galaga record! 408k, unseating the resident champion!

2013-11-02: Pardon me, dr.

2013-11-02: 352k in Galaga!!! Personal record! Still need to beat Barton’s doppelgänger.

2013-11-02: 15 minutes after start time: still no sound, no picture. No communication from the staff. …

2013-10-30: Best Galaga score of my life, so far…

2013-10-29: Nice retro plates in 2UP.

2013-10-27: Tame Impala is the next Flaming Lips. Fabulous.

2013-10-27: Temporarily, some good warmup music at 2UP before Tame Impala. #Brounion

2013-10-26: Always happy to see this album and put my thumb over it.

2013-10-25: Justin’s Galaga strategy: plant the forehead.

2013-10-25: In a matter of hours I’ll pick up Matt and Justin for…


2013-04-14: Fun with the 3 and 0 at Eric’s birthday party.

2012-12-02: Sometimes I like Minecraft art more than the game itself…

2012-11-23: Something something instagram

2012-11-20: Baby baseline is tiny!

2012-10-17: I wish Instagram allowed for non-square photos…

2012-10-06: This game is addicting…

2012-10-02: This game was in the latest parents’ shipment. Wow.

2012-10-01: Surprisingly delicious chocolate stout!

2012-09-30: Flyer for the next show has been printed!

2012-09-29: A Quinn’s Golden Ale at Vine St Pub with lunch after the 5K. Sounds right to me.

2012-09-29: My thumb after the Color Me Rad 5K

2012-09-29: My face after the Color Me Rad 5K!

2012-09-21: Excited to own a legitimate movie ticket for seeing this classic on the big screen.

2012-08-19: Hunger Games

2012-07-28: The Olympics are on. Time to get weird!

2012-06-16: Trying out a newer pizzeria next door to us!

2012-06-09: In a few hours. Then I will post a bunch of spoilers for Joel and Bree!

2012-05-15: Benji visited but for far too short of a time!

2012-04-16: The legendary, gregarious Darryl Mehring, master of optimism and pessimism, professor of philosophy …

2012-04-12: Andrés making beautiful noises for our EP.

2012-04-11: Finally another haircut

2012-04-11: Uh huh

2012-04-03: This was on airport shuttle window. Do people forget?

2012-03-23: Nice poster at 1up!

2012-03-12: Short version is “Climbers: Don’t.”

2012-02-26: Brandon the director holds the camera and smiles.

2012-02-17: Trading card of Colts punter from 1989 laying randomly on streets of Denver? Check.

2012-02-11: Albert 2

2012-02-10: Albert

2012-02-04: Terrifying

2012-02-04: Snow at a restaurant

2012-02-03: Something cool showed up. Now to seed a torrent of it!!!

2012-02-02: Indirectly, a loser.

2012-01-28: Truth

2012-01-20: Rodeo!


2012-01-09: Who is letting Roethlesbrgsjkdjdkder get away with this hat?

2012-01-05: Sunset over the mountains

2011-12-06: Chinese feast for finals week. Mistake?

2011-11-29: Shelby with an acute case of Yarn Hand.


2011-11-20: Minecraft keychain shwag!

2011-11-19: Tolkien would be so proud to see his creation as a slot machine…

2011-11-18: My new minecraft shirt I got at #minecon

2011-11-18: David’s lunch. Before or after he ate it? No one knows… #minecon

2011-11-18: Giant creeper! #minecon

2011-11-18: Minecraft themed Xbox at #minecon

2011-11-18: Forever alone at #minecon

2011-11-18: Entering “Minecon

2011-11-17: MineCon!

2011-11-17: Pullin into Vegas with @drdeth! #minecon2011

2011-11-12: Carly and Ilan!

2011-11-08: Sticker on my wallet.

2011-11-06: Windows logo as decorative vent?

2011-11-04: Tonight we’re remedy-ing the fact that Shelby hadn’t seen Terminator 1 or 2 before!!




2011-11-03: Vine time!

2011-10-31: Stupid

2011-10-30: Andrés has arrived

2011-10-28: On my way home. Love having a bus pass!

2011-10-28: Great Divide has a new tap. Colette in it right now.

2011-10-27: Link is done. Now to make him an environment.

2011-10-26: Enjoying a hibernation ale with this guy!

2011-10-26: Yesterday: Fall. Today: Winter!

2011-10-24: Progress

2011-10-24: Fall

2011-10-22: Another angle on it

2011-10-22: My first cross-stitch iPhone case project: finished!

2011-10-15: Now here with Ilan and Andrew and eventually Andrés!

2011-10-15: Through this gate is where music happens

2011-10-14: Now a Titan with these folks

2011-10-14: Enjoying a Quinn’s with Andrés

2011-10-10: Fish in a metaphorical pond made for Andrés by our waitress

2011-10-08: Memorializing post it notes even here in Denver

2011-10-07: Not enough Time…

2011-10-07: Occupy Denver blocking our Ghost Tour

2011-10-06: Yes they do have some…

2011-10-06: Waiting To sit down with the Robertsons!

2011-10-02: Nice venue!

2011-10-01: I’ll finally own a bike helmet.

2011-10-01: Can’t wait to play these classics again in HD now!

2011-09-20: My brother, shirt ripped open

2011-09-20: Early dinner here before the Rockies game!

2011-09-20: “Me?”

2011-09-10: Found this cleaning out the old apartment!

2011-09-08: My brother’s latest script. Ready to be torn apart!

2011-08-27: IKEA. Legos for adults. (No, iPhone, not legislation for adults)

2011-08-20: INTE5660 Instructor - Take 2

2011-08-20: INTE5660 Instructor - Take 1

2011-08-03: Artichoked!

2011-07-30: As big as Joel’s head.

2011-07-15: Should I be disturbed that there are almost no children here? #harrypotter

2011-07-15: The line for 3D Potter is 10x longer than ours an hour before the movie.

2011-07-15: Waiting to see HP7 pt 2!


2011-07-04: Ready to go home

2011-06-29: Sklarfanboys

2011-06-29: Rockstar

2011-06-24: I won Track & Field!

2011-06-24: Justin got the girl in Double Dragon when we beat it.

2011-06-24: Double Dragon

2011-06-18: Brothers 2

2011-06-17: Brothers

2011-06-17: Rockies!

2011-06-13: Finally I’m seeing this film!

2011-05-27: Primanti

2011-05-27: Guess who works at UCD!

2011-05-26: Mya keeps saying “Hi!” to me.

2011-05-16: Rockies game!


2011-05-15: Creepy bear

2011-05-14: Grant plays silverware while Shelby watches. Here with Michelle and Sarah.

2011-05-08: Geocaching!

2011-05-07: Butterworth and Bee!


2011-05-01: Equipment

2011-04-30: Odell brewing sampler!

2011-04-30: Awesome equestrian print on the back of this car

2011-04-30: New shirt: Space Invaders class


2011-04-23: Keeping warm

2011-04-22: Out for happy hour with this guy for once!

2011-04-15: Journey (the band) arcade game!

2011-04-15: New headphones so I can keep up with how the kids are listening to music

2011-04-12: The Fresh & Onlys!!

2011-04-10: Tasty

2011-04-02: Paper Bird!

2011-04-01: Us in new Rockies shirts!

2011-04-01: Ahhhh baseball!!!

2011-03-29: Love this song

2011-03-28: Kevin and I at yogurtland

2011-03-27: Kevin playing Geeks Who Drink with us

2011-03-25: Shelby furiously taking notes for her @denverlark review


2011-03-23: AMC office lunchtime

2011-03-20: Our silhouettes on the shuttle.

2011-03-19: Eva likes Angry Birds and Tiny Wings

2011-03-18: Waiting to fly to Utah!

2011-03-18: Wearing my glasses

2011-03-15: An artist drew this based on my song ‘Rotation Is A Man On The Run’ …


2011-03-14: HENDERSON!!!

2011-03-12: Anxious tonight

2011-03-10: Watson, this is leg.

2011-03-10: Waiting to fly to grandpa.

2011-03-08: I’m staring into your soul…

2011-03-07: Got to hang out with Andrés for his birthday.

2011-03-05: Beautiful!

2011-02-27: Titan refill!

2011-02-25: Stout month! $10 sampler!!

2011-02-23: Awesome seats at the Avs game!!

2011-02-17: Trivia night

2011-02-12: Free chair

2011-02-12: “Give me food!!”

2011-02-12: 4 story bear

2011-02-12: Bear Attack!

2011-02-06: How is CounterStrike still so much fun?

2011-02-05: Got a growler of B3K! Becoming a fav beer of mine.

2011-02-04: Shelby imagining her life as a cheerleader while I enjoy a Stonehenge Stout

2011-01-29: Watching Yuhnke play some hockey


2011-01-28: Minecraft LAN Party

2011-01-28: What city am I living in?

2011-01-28: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

2011-01-21: People tackling animals.

2011-01-21: Dogs running and jumping.

2011-01-21: Americanized Mario?

2011-01-21: Slavery of animals

2011-01-21: Rodeo time!

2011-01-21: Enjoying some whiskey before the rodeo!

2011-01-19: Enjoying myself an Old Ruffian

2011-01-15: New hat!

2011-01-11: Help! I’m trapped in my glasses!

2011-01-10: Snowy rooftops

2011-01-08: Watching the Jets…

2011-01-02: Staying up later than is wise

2010-12-27: Shelby loves her new Kirby Wii game

2010-12-27: Couch shopping

2010-12-26: Beauty. Post-Christmas stare.

2010-12-25: Whiskey break #2

2010-12-25: Whiskey break

2010-12-24: Nat singing for us

2010-12-24: Drink station #2

2010-12-24: Drink station

2010-12-24: Our tree

2010-12-17: Haircut acquired!

2010-12-09: Self (absorbed) Portrait series #002

2010-12-03: Self (absorbed) Portrait Series #001

2010-11-27: Legendary lamp droop

2010-11-27: T-gives pic 2

2010-11-27: Our second, just us two thanksgiving!

2010-11-26: Kierkegaard rolls in his grave

2010-11-24: Noodles!

2010-11-24: Ready to go home

2010-11-14: Matt sleeps…

2010-11-13: Many Alberts

2010-11-13: Emery!

2010-11-12: Dinner!

2010-11-11: Us at the show!

2010-11-11: Pains of Being Pure of Heart!

2010-11-11: Emery at a bar with us, looking adorable!

2010-11-11: Bored. Waiting to go to dinner with Matt and company.

2010-11-11: Terence and I at WCET

2010-11-10: Emery contemplates cheerios

2010-11-10: Dinner with bro, sis, niece, mom, and dad here.

2010-11-10: A lunatic is loose

2010-11-10: Airport waiting

2010-11-09: The indian summer is over.

2010-11-09: Snowing in Denver


2010-11-07: Pomegranates!!!

2010-11-07: Oh No Oh My! Waiting for Pomegranates…

2010-11-07: Compression dressing or Michael is a lunatic?

2010-11-06: Lunch at Estes Park!

2010-11-06: Santa Claud spotted

2010-11-06: Lunch at Estes Park #2

2010-11-05: Brian teaches video editing

2010-11-05: This guy and his dog are always sleeping on this bench in the morning

2010-11-04: CU Online is having a pizza challenge!

2010-11-03: Playing some Secret of Mana

2010-11-03: This is your brain on orientation…

2010-11-03: Digital signage coming soon… On a digital sign…?

2010-11-03: New employee orientation…

2010-11-01: Bull and the bush!

2010-11-01: Bull and the bush!

2010-10-31: David as a CDC agent at the Zombie Crawl


2010-10-31: California Pizza Kitchen for dinner!

2010-10-31: Reunited at last! Woohoo!!

2010-10-30: One of my most favorite books

2010-10-29: Me on Minecraft amounts of sleep

2010-10-17: I miss you, baby!