Hello, there!

My name is Mike. I create motion graphics, edit videos, and write music in Columbus, OH. My main site is pseudomichael.com.

I enjoy cooking food at home, hanging out with my wife Shelby, and playing with my cat Felix.

I used to run a podcast network called Sunrise Robot.

In 2014, I co-composed and recorded the original soundtrack to the Pseudobook film Detective Detective Detective.

In 2011, I released an album of original music called Genetic Engines.

Brothers Car San Diego

When it was time for the sacred rite of passage of choosing an online handle, “Pseudomichael” felt just right.

I’ve since discovered that many people don’t know how to spell “pseudo”, but I’m ok with that.

Thanks for stopping by!

Mike Edwards Holding A Beer

pseudomichael @pseudomichael